Our Leadership Team

Ken Campbell Sr.

President, CEO, & Founder



Ken is the President, CEO, & Founder of Hot & Cold Supply. He is a Hampton Roads native; born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. He graduated from Cradock High School. Ken’s drive and perseverance led him to start and found Hot and Cold Supply in 1992. Ken lead’s his team in the everyday execution of executive leadership, departmental integration, and future visionary opportunities. Over the years of working the logistics of the company, he has gained a considerable number of skills and expertise in leadership, business development and operations.

Lisa Campbell

Executive Vice President, CFO, & Co-Founder



Lisa is the Executive Vice President, CFO, & Co-Founder of Hot & Cold Supply. She is a native to Chesapeake, Virginia, where she graduated with Honors at Western Branch High School. She went on to further her education at Virginia Wesleyan University, where she graduated with Honors, to receive a bachelor’s in business management that included a minor in accounting & finance. Lisa had a successful career in banking and finance as she was the Auditor-in-Charge for the Eastern Region of Signet Bank before leaving to co-found Hot & Cold Supply in 1992. Lisa’s education and extensive work experience has given her several skills of expertise in audit, finance, human resources, & departmental supervision. She currently leads the Hot & Cold Supply team in the Finance & Administration Departments.

Taylor Campbell

Vice President of Sales and Marketing



Taylor is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hot & Cold Supply. He was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virgnia, where he graduated from Western Branch High School with Honors in 2010. While attending middle & high school, Taylor gained valuable work experience working at Hot & Cold, then rejoining the team in 2017 fulltime after college. After graduating high school, he went on to attended Randolph-Macon College where he received his bachelor’s degree, double majoring in business and music in 2014. In 2015, Taylor graduated from an accelerated program at Belmont University, receiving his master’s of business administration with a focus in small business management & operations. While attending Belmont University, Taylor also received his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Through his education and work experience he has gained several skills of expertise in customer service, process improvement, strategic planning, servant leadership, & mediation. Taylor leads Hot & Cold Supply in Sales & Marketing, Opportunity Generation, and Sales Analytics.

Jeremy Cooper

Vice President of Accounting



Jeremy is the Vice President of Accounting at Hot & Cold Supply. He is a Virginian native, raised in Chesapeake, where he graduated from Western Branch High School. He first started learning the logistics of Hot & Cold Supply in 1997 and then joined our team full-time after Graduating from Old Dominion University in 2004. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in accounting & finance. Jeremy’s work experience and education allows him to execute purchasing & IT management seamlessly. Jeremy adds value here, as some of his greatest skills include being a lifelong learner and a great team player.

Roy L. Fish

Vice President of Production



Roy is the Vice President of Production at Hot & Cold Supply. He is from Zuni, Virginia as he graduated from Southampton High School. Roy first worked at Hot & Cold from the years 2010-2014. He later rejoined our team in 2019, leading the Production, Manufacturing, and Quality Control teams. Roy has valuable trade skills, as he currently holds Master Certifications in plumbing, hvac, and gasfittng. Through many years of on the ground experience, Roy adds skill and proficiency to Hot & Cold in mechanical expertise, construction planning, and design & building capability.